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Once upon a time, there was nothing.

And it was very quiet.

Only, far off, a rustling like the wind through leaves, and a clicking like gears, and the susurration of voices half-heard.

But she doesn't know what leaves or gears or voices or similes are yet.

She grows slowly, slowly, like a seed's first sprout unfurling deep in the earth. There's no time, this deep. Only the constant embrace of I, and an all-enfolding warmth, and sometimes far-off words.

Love, says the voice to her.

Love. Why. Light.


Prince. Duck. Why.



What happens now?

But that's all a very long way off, and anyway, there's no one here to answer. Just the tiny seedling of a mind, too small and unformed to count.

Until, one day, there is.

Uzura -- she's Uzura -- sits up. Her eyes are always open, but now she can see things. She can see a hard white-and-wood surface above her, and a hard wooden surface below her, and more white around, and lots and lots and lots of interesting tools.

She pushes herself off the surface she's on, and beams -- her face moves too! -- at the clack of her feet on the ground. It's a good noise. She stomps her feet to make it again.

She's alive now, and it's an awfully big adventure.
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Scene 2: pas de trois: confrontation
Scene 3: epilogue

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The river in Kinkan Town has tall canal walls. The cobbled paths beside them are broad and tidy. Edel walks with small steps, tick tick tick. Her black boots land in perfect third position. She is where she's supposed to be.

The river in Kinkan Town has one of the Prince's heartshards, lodged under a certain bridge.

The river in Kinkan Town, right now, also contains the Prince (currently being pulled underwater) and a frantically swimming duck.

Edel stands where she's supposed to be.

Duck refused her role.

(But would a character in a story really do that?

Why would she do that? Why? Why?

In the story, what you do is wish.)

There. Duck wished.

Edel is a puppet, and she does what she's supposed to.

She opens her hand.



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