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Happiness to those who accept their fate

glory to those who defy it

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Birthdate:May 28
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Edel sells jewels, and plays a barrel organ and dispenses advice, in the streets of Kinkan Town. She doesn't seem to care about the money, and she doesn't follow any set schedule. She appears when she wants to, or when she's needed. With her bloomers and striped socks and ruffles, and her green hair and blue eyeshadow, Edel is a colorful (and fantastic) figure.

Periodically, she befriends ballet students and ducks.

Behind every puppet, of course, is someone holding strings.

Yes, she really is a puppet. Made of wood -- astonishingly mobile wood, but wood nonetheless. She's got no strings to hold her down, at least visibly, and whether she's a real girl is a matter of interpretation.

Edel is from the anime Princess Tutu, and is the property of her creators. I'm not one of them. I'm just playing her for fun, and with no money made nor copyright infringement intended.

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barrel organs, breaking the fourth wall, dance, drosselmeyer, ducks, fate, fire, friends, gears, glory, happiness, hearts, jewels, music, oracular sayings, pulling strings, puppets, smiling blankly, strings, the fourth wall, the story
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